A brief history

Department of Emergency Medicine was founded by order of the Ministry of Health RM N P52 p/2 of 30.04.1993 ,, Despre fondarea catedrei de  ,, Urgenţă Medicală”  în cadrul  facultaţii de perfecţionare a medicilor”  and by order  of the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu” of the Republic of Moldova by head of the chair: PhD, professor, Ciobanu Gheorghe.

The main objective of the Department is university and postuniversity training of specialists in the polidisciplinary medical emergencies, in accordance with international and national standards, conducting of scientific research and development of the methods of diagnosis and treatment in the prehospital care.

Since 1996 students of VI year Faculty of General Medicine have the course of emergency medicine at the department. In 1997 the postgraduate study of emergency doctors by postgraduate Residency Studies for 3 years was implemented.

In 1994 by order of the Ministry of Health RM N 146/7 of 07.11.94 on the basis of the Department of Emergency Medicine and National Scientific-Practical Centre of Emergency Medicine Regional Training Centre in Emergency Medicine was created, which made it possible to equipe the department with modern teaching materials and opportunities of training in the U.S.A., as well as framing the chair in scientific and practical measures of emergency medicine occurred in the partnership program of the American International Health Alliance. Trainings in emergency medicine with international participants from Albania, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Romania werw organized withing the project. Since 2007 „Emergency Medicine” students of the I year study of the Faculty of Medicine I, Medicine II, Public Health, Dentistry, Pharmacy attended the course. Society of Emergency and Disaster Medicine was founded in Moldova.

In this department are studying:

students of the I year, faculties: Medicine I, Medicine II, Public Health, Dentistry, Pharmacy – course of ,, Emergency Medicine’’ of 34 hours

students of the VI year, faculties: Medicine I and Medicine II – course of ,, Emergency Medicine’’ of  76 hours

postgraduate studies: by residency in specialties: Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Phthisiopulmonology, Diagnose and Clinical laboratory

continuing training for emergency doctors, 10 courses annually: a duration of two weeks

continuing training for family doctors.